HRLC feels like a “family” away from home

I have been a teacher at HRLC for thirteen years and have taught the Junior Kindergarten program for eight. I have stayed at HRLC for all of these years because it feels like a “family” away from home. It is a company that is family owned and run and treats its employees like part of one. I am originally from Hawaii and having such a close knit group has helped with my family being so far away. I have noticed that there is little turnover of teachers because of this supportive environment. Teachers have been with HRLC for several years and those that have left seem to find their way back. I also know that if anything comes up professionally or personally, Teresa and my fellow employees will support me. Something I see at HRLC is a definite emphasis on academics and learning no matter what age group…from infants to Kindergarten the children are ALWAYS learning. I believe this carries on to both the Company and Office treating and considering us professionals. I have valued the time and energy that I have invested in at HRLC and with the Bradford family.

Megan Moroney

Highlands Ranch Learning Center

Early Childhood Junior Kindergarten Teacher